Montblanc Lady Emblem

Montblanc Lady Emblem

Lady Emblem

Diamonds are a signature. They symbolise love, purity and beauty. Inside a Montblanc diamond, the luminous rays reflect infinitely and the brilliance refracts to create a prism in a dizzying range of colours. And it is this masterpiece of gemmological craftsmanship that inspired Montblanc’s women's fragrance: LADY EMBLEM


Montblanc Lady Emblem Fragrance

A mystifying rose sake is the focal point. It is obtained through highly sophisticated distillation to maintain refinement, naturalness and grace. Seductive and green, it is like a Zephyr's caress, floral one moment and fruity the next.

Powdery, velvety sandalwood provides amber tones from the bottom to the top, and crystals of musk gently emerge. This creates a delicately sensuous base for an exquisite and extraordinary feminine elixir.

Lady Emblem is a floral, woody, fruity fragrance.

Lady Emblem Elixir

Lady Emblem Elixir introduces a new light to the free and piercing woman depicted by Lady Emblem. Her gaze is naturally the same: direct, intense, almost overwhelming. Adopting the 43-faceted cut of the Montblanc diamond inspired by the emblematic six-valley design, it is dressed in pink gold and metallic reflections, turning into a precious flower also ringed with many petals.  


Montblanc Lady Emblem Elixir Fragrance

Lady Emblem Elixir aroma reveals the essentials in a breath of floral notes, underlined with wood. At the forefront: Damask rose, gathered from the high plateaus of Turkey. Following a green beginning reminiscent of buds at daybreak, it diffuses a wave of honey and spices. It is joined by the iris accord, whose elegance and persistence are unmistakable, and which itself melts into a half-powdery, half-lychee accord. A few corollas of orange blossom add sensual bitterness. Finally, its fragrance leaves a trail of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. Black peppercorn, strong, intense and intriguing, gives the composition a twist.

Lady Emblem Elixir is a floral, woody, oriental fragrance.

Lady Emblem L´Eau

Lady Emblem L’Eau, reflects yet another feminine facet. She is independent, self-confident and magnetic. She also knows when to slow down and take a break in a park, get some fresh air between appointments, and take time for herself. It is then that her irresistible, candid femininity appears. Our emblematic bottle is transformed with a fresh and blooming light green lacquering, that evokes Lady Emblem’s sparkling and natural femininity.


Montblanc Lady Emblem L´eau Fragrance

The pastel green juice of Montblanc Lady Emblem L’Eau was inspired by a summer garden.

This exquisite, meandering olfactory stroll begins with fruity accents: mandarin leaf, and the aquatic-sweet notes of white peach and exotic lychee. In the middle notes, a voluptuous bouquet of roses, the ever-present scent guiding the success story of Lady Emblem, enhances the aerial florality of magnolia. Precious musks, elegant blonde cedar, and creamy benzoin form the base notes. It is a story of sparkling water, a lyrical floral-aquatic, for a woman as delicate as she is strong.

Lady Emblem L’Eau is a floral, fruity fragrance.