Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

A home away from home nestled in the snow. Our Nightflight Cabin Bag takes you there. 

The height of winter in British Columbia may seem an unusual choice for a lover’s getaway to anyone who associates romance with walks on a sun-soaked private beach and diving in crystal blue water. At any time during the year, there are innumerable tropical getaways that offer these particular delights, but there’s something uniquely romantic about the February light peeking through the dense forest of British Columbia, the warmth of a wood cabin infused with the scent of pine, and morning strolls across freshly fallen snow.

Our guide takes you through our top three favorite getaway destinations in this winter wonderland.


The town of Whistler offers a metropolitan ambiance to the classic winter getaway. Consecrated sacred sporting territory by the arrival of 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler has since become an internationally beloved destination for every snow activity imaginable, from heli-skiing to bungee jumping to bobsledding.

After an adrenaline-packed day zigzagging across the snow, stop in Whistler village for a walk through the town’s many art galleries and dine at one of the many restaurants serving delectable local cuisine like wild salmon caught in the surrounding rivers. In the event of a blizzard, retreat to one of the area’s stunning chateaus, light the wood-burning stove, and share a meal to remember from the comforts of your home away from home.

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While the coastal town of Tofino on Vancouver Island doesn’t receive much snowfall, the area has become a popular winter getaway destination for its temperate climate and picturesque scenery. Take a drive up Highway 4 to see the islands of alpine forest rising from the water.

For adventurous travelers, grab a surfboard and dip into the polar waters to ride the amazing waves. If it’s not too stormy, enjoy whalewatching or oyster-farming. The beaches of Tofino are only a twentyminute boat ride then 30-minute hike from Hot Springs Cove, a secluded geothermal spring among craggy rocks and waterfalls. Tofino is home to dreamy cabins nestled in the forest that offer beautiful views of the local scenery.


In winter, the emerald water of Lake Louise freezes over into an ice-skating rink and ice sculpture garden. The surrounding snowcapped forest of Banff National Park, just a few hours outside British Columbia, gives way to an expansive clearing beyond which visitors can see a breathtaking panorama of glaciers that divide the horizon. Gaze into the valley from atop the mountain peaks with a private ride in a sightseeing gondola, spend the day skiing or snowboarding down the majestic slopes, or take a break from the cold in the hot tubs of a world-class winter lodge.

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