Leather Gift Guide

Leather Gift Guide


Crafted with unparalleled passion and skill, Montblanc leather goods are the gift of the season.

Inside the Montblanc Pelletteria, the finishing touches are made to one of our exceptional leather goods.

A quality leather product should be built to stand the test of time, making it a gift with enduring appeal. Montblanc’s leather goods arose from the need for simplified elegance able to transcend style and evolved to define a new paradigm of leathermaking. Montblanc creates leather goods with the pillars of classic design and durability in mind.

The production process begins in the storied and bustling Montblanc Pelletteria. Located in Florence, the internationally recognized global capital of fine leathermaking, our artisans work in the vein of local tradition, practicing a technique passed down over the centuries. Each piece of leather is examined by hand for scars and imperfections by our artisans, who then select prime swatches of hide to begin crafting.

For our latest collection, Meisterstück Select Sfumato, Montblanc leathersmiths replicate Leonardo Da Vinci’s innovative painting technique of the same name. Echoing the master’s process of hand layering paint to produce a smoke-like effect, this technique yields a natural shadow over harsh lines—as much a feat of artistry as craftsmanship.

Made from full-grain calfskin, each piece of the Meisterstück Sfumato collection is the product of intersecting luxury components. From leathersmiths in Florence to fashion houses across the world, the consensus is that full-grain is the highest cut of leather available, and calfskin one of the softest. Maintaining it’s original texture without the effects of buffing or sanding, full-grain is the most dense and thus most water-resistant part of the hide.

Each Montblanc leather good is crafted by our artisans in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy.

Give a lifetime of luxury, the Sfumato Classic Single Gusset Briefcase.


The Sfumato Classic Single Gusset Briefcase, made of Italian full-grain calfskin and lined with Italian suede is the ideal long-term business partner, making it a gift that keeps on giving. Each Montblanc Sfumato Briefcase undergoes stress tests to ensure durability of the product’s construction, from stitching to closures. The Sfumato Classic Single Gusset Briefcase features an all-new signature lock and a unique construction at its base making it easier to flatten the bag completely when empty. With proper care, it can last an entire career, from rainy commutes between meetings to the wear of an active business life, its patina only improving as it ages.


The same holds true for the Sfumato Business Card Holder: a simple yet elegant piece made from Italian full-grain calfskin and lined with French full-grain lambskin. With space for business cards, two credit cards, and extra pockets, it is the ideal gift for gregarious entrepreneurs committed equally to luxury and functionality. Color fastness tests affirm that the beautiful Sfumato patina will not be affected by fading or color migration over time.

The Sfumato Business Card Holder exemplifies Florentine elegance.

Be inspired as you circle the globe with the Sfumato Passport Holder.


The legacy of Da Vinci’s „sfumato“ technique can be carried across the globe with the Montblanc Sfumato Passport Holder. Crafted from full-grain calfskin in the tradition of Florentine leathermaking, the Passport Holder is graced with the same palladium-ringed Montblanc emblem shared by all Montblanc Meisterstück Select leather goods. The durability of the Sfumato Passport Holder is sure to safely carry your most important document across continents, to the farthest reaches of the world


Montblanc products are extremely durable, yet as with all leather it is a natural material and is sensitive to excessive amounts of light, humidity, and water. To keep your Montblanc leather goods in perfect condition, follow these tips.

Maintain and protect your Montblanc leather good’s natural softness by treating it with a neutral leather care product every six months. Use a clean, soft cloth when applying the care product, and another to wipe away excess after you have finished applying. Please note that Montblanc Extreme Leather goods feature embossed leather and are therefore more sensitive to dust. Extreme Leather should only be cleaned with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth. If more cleaning is necessary, lightly moisten the cloth with pure water. Avoid using standard cleaning agents as these may alter the look and feel of your leather good.

Montblanc leather goods should not come in contact with water. Be sure to promptly dry with a smooth cloth if the product comes in contact with water. Blot away moisture and allow the leather to air-dry. Never place the product near a radiator or any other heat source while drying.

When not in use, store your Montblanc leather product in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving the product in direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the color to fade.

If you prefer to leave your leather care to Montblanc, bring your Montblanc leather goods to the nearest Montblanc store or service center to keep your products in perfect condition.

With great care, a leathersmith at the Montblanc Pelletteria conditions a newly minted leather piece.