Blue - A story about a colour with its own character

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Every day we are surrounded by colours — deep purples, brilliant blues, zealous reds. In a single glimpse the entire colour spectrum can be seen. Colour stimulates creativity and motivation, evoking happiness and optimism. It is a powerful form of communication. It can sway our thinking, change our actions or cause reactions.

Imagine wandering through the lively back alleys of Jodhpur, India and discovering the colourful walls of “the blue city”. Once an indicator of social class, the colour blue has come to define this city on the edge of the Thar Desert. While it has the practical purpose of keeping houses cool during the summer months, there is something quite magical about being surrounded by its different shades. The light changes, the mood changes, the whole environment changes, and the busyness of India fades into the background.

Blue is the new black, especially when talking business fashion, which makes it an essential colour for every wardrobe. It has the power to energise and inspire as well as to calm and relax. That’s why bringing your blue Sartorial Document Case to a meeting might work to your advantage, or telling the time on your blue Heritage Chronométrie may calm you when in a rush.

Blue has many meanings, but Raoul Dufy, the French Fauvist painter, said there is one thing certain about the colour, “Blue is the only colour, which maintains its own character in all its tones…it will always stay blue.”

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