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(Montblanc M)RED Signature Rollerball

(Montblanc M)RED Signature Rollerball

HKD 9,900
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(Montblanc M)RED Signature Rollerball
(Montblanc M)RED Signature Rollerball
HKD 9,900

Introducing the second edition of (Montblanc M)RED collection to support (RED)’s fight to end AIDS. Every item purchased from the (Montblanc M)RED and (Montblanc M)RED Signature writing instrument collection will contribute €5 to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programmes that help provide life-saving treatment to prevent HIV-positive mothers from passing the virus to their babies. The collection features a full metal body with brushed palladium nickel coating, and a discrete pop of red on the forepart and on the nib cover. The magnetic cap closure aligns the cap to barrel (including snap mechanism). Please note this product contains magnets. Before using it, if you have any doubt about its safety, please consult your health care professional.

Ident No. MB113623

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Clip Description Platinum-coated clip with individual serial number Color Red
Writing Mode RC
Dimensions 139.9 mm Dimensions 14 mm Physical Weight 68 g