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Wonders of the water revealed

Look back at our majestic blue planet in wonder with the new Montblanc StarWalker collection

Turning the tide 

Those, who have been lucky to walk among the stars, share an emotional experience of gazing back at the Earth and realising that this fragile blue marble floating in dark space is like no other. Telling the story of human curiosity and pioneering space exploration, the StarWalker series is an invitation to reconnect with our majestic planet. Continuing the inspiring ethos, the latest Blue Planet edition offers a renewed appreciation for the critical element that makes our home so unique – water. 

Follow the water

From polar ice caps to steaming geysers, where there is water, there is life. Considering that NASA's motto in the search for extra-terrestrial life has been to "follow the water”, our luck becomes obvious: we live on a planet so generously endowed with vast oceans, covering more than three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, governing weather patterns and spinning the kaleidoscope of life. A reminder to not take water and the life it enables on Earth for granted, the new StarWalker edition offers a new perspective, evoking the wonder of gazing down at the Earth from space.

The Blue World

The blue precious resin of the new edition writing instrument is a homage to Earth’s oceans, while the translucent dome beneath the emblem evokes the Earth rising above the lunar horizon as seen from space. The polished platinum-coated cap represents the astronaut, the angled clip cover and dome are shaped as a rocket, while the cap screw mechanism on the forepart and cone reminds of an astronaut securing their helmet to a spacesuit. The StarWalker line-up includes an all blue precious resin edition with contrasting platinum-coated fittings, a Doué edition with a platinum-coated metal cap and forepart, and a Metal edition featuring a guilloche water molecule pattern covered by blue translucent lacquer, suggesting water shimmering in the sunlight. StarWalker Blue Planet edition of Augmented Paper, an assortment of matching stationery and accessories complete the collection.

While most of us won’t get a chance to experience space travel during our lifetime, the StarWalker collection invites us to reconnect with our planet and appreciate its wonders and fragility. More than 80% of Earth’s oceans remain unmapped and unexplored, making them as mysterious as the vast outer space and reminding us that there are frontiers still waiting to be discovered, experienced and written about.