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Combining traditional craft with modern technology, Montblanc fountain pens are designed to last for years. However, proper care is essential to ensure that your writing instrument remains pristine while writing beautifully in the years to come.

Here we illustrate the best way to clean your fountain pen, as well as offering a helpful guide to refilling the ink.

To maintain the best condition of your fountain pen, Montblanc recommends cleaning the writing instrument once every three months. This is especially important if the ink has dried out, if the ink flow has become irregular, or if you want to use a different colour ink.

How to Clean your Fountain Pen

If using a fountain pen with a piston-filling mechanism, start by unscrewing the cap and hold the fountain pen over a glass of water. Loosen the cone by twisting it counterclockwise. Allow any drops of excess ink to fall into the water.
"Submerge the nib in a second glass of water. Make sure the water you use is clean and lukewarm, without any chemical products. While the nib is submerged, tighten the cone back to its usual position by twisting it clockwise. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 between 3-5 times, until the excess liquid running out of the nib turns clear.
The cleaning process may cause some condensation inside the cap. It is therefore important to dry the nib, ideally by using our nib cleaner, or by gently applying a soft and lint-free cloth. The inside of the cap should also be thoroughly wiped with a moist lint-free cloth."
In order to clean the surface of the fountain pen, simply wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth. Make sure your Montblanc is not exposed to any products containing solvents, such as perfumes, detergents or hand sanitizers, as these may damage the precious resin.
Open the nib cleaner by pressing the outer edges and insert the nib facing upwards. Gently apply pressure on the nib cleaner to absorb any remaining ink. Nib cleaners should be replaced after every fifth use.
Screw the cap back on. Your fountain pen is now clean.

How to Refill your Fountain Pen

If using a fountain pen with a piston-filling mechanism, start by unscrewing the cap, then loosening the bottom of the barrel by twisting it counterclockwise. This will move the piston downwards so that it can draw ink. If the fountain pen is already filled with ink, refer to the cleaning instructions before proceeding with a refill.
Immerse the nib in the bottle of ink. Once the nib is completely submerged, tighten the bottom of the barrel back to its original position by twisting it clockwise. The fountain pen should now be filled with ink.
"Remove the fountain pen from the ink and continue holding it above the bottle. Turn the bottom of the barrel counterclockwise so that four to six drops fall back into the bottle.
Hold the fountain pen in such a way that the nib is pointing upwards, then slowly close the bottom of the barrel in a clockwise direction. The nib and forepart should be cleaned as described in Step 4 ""Clean Nib and Finish""."

Different Refill System

If using a fountain pen with a converter system, start by removing the cap and barrel. Hold the writing instrument over a glass of water to remove any excess ink (check Step 1). Loosen the end piece of the converter by turning it counterclockwise. Now carry out the same process described in Step 2 above but with the end piece of the converter. Once the filling process is complete, screw the end piece back clockwise and clean the nib as described in Step 3, before reattaching the barrel and cap to finish.
If your fountain pen is designed to use ink cartridges, open the cap and unscrew the barrel, remove the empty cartridges from the foreparet and insert a new cartridge. Screw the barrel on. You are now ready to write.

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