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Montblanc Career


Our community consists of people dedicated to achieving and enjoying excellence, people who believe in substance, reliability and true values.


What does Montblanc Marketing look like from the inside? Beatriz Bueno, Marketing Digital & Content Manager, shares her impressions and explains why finding the perfect balance between fresh content and a brand’s heritage is important.


We are represented worldwide by more than 20 subsidiaries. The managing directors are responsible for all sales, marketing, the network of boutiques and establishing our brand in each location. Oliver Goessler, Managing Director Northern Europe, is one of them.


Our colleague Nina Bernhardt, Retail Director Northern Europe, has been working for Montblanc in France, Switzerland and Germany. She experienced what it means to move out of her comfort zone, do new things, learn another language and work with people in different countries. Check out her story.

Isabelle Cappuccio Associate Director Global Retail Design

“What I appreciate about my team is that there is a fantastic team spirit. They all help each other and are all fascinated by the same passion - which is architecture and interior design. For us, creativity is to always reinvent something. It's not a matter to redo what has been done, but to think about new possibilities for our boutiques.”

Jonas Wildow Tool Mechanic

“My most memorable moment at Montblanc was being accepted as an apprentice. I came here straight from school and to immediately start working in an exciting profession at such a company was something special.”

Nathalie Bauer Team Assistant

“It’s great to see so many different generations come together here. It makes work more interesting as the older employees contribute their experience and knowledge, while the younger colleagues bring spontaneity and a fresh view of things.”