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Homage to Victoria & Albert

A Tribute to Royal Patronage

As avid supporters of the arts, the legacy of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert still echoes in British culture today. This collection of exquisite wri...

01 Cap Rings

02 Royal Crown

03 Sceptre Clips


The translucent lacquer cap is coloured in mint green, a favourite shade of Victoria’s, whilst the cap top is inspired by a royal blue crown. The cap ring features the sovereign’s famous quote, “I will be good”. The shape of the clip is inspired by the royal sceptre, set with a green stone symbolising her engagement ring. Made from Au750 solid gold, the nib is embossed with a stylised rose, representing Victoria’s legacy as “England’s rose”.
The translucent lacquer of the cap is coloured dark red to evoke the shades of the British Field Marshal uniform Albert wore at his wedding. The cap shape references the dome of the Crystal Palace. Albert’s coat of arms inspires the motto engraved into the cap ring, “Treu und Fest” (“faithful and firm”), as the embossing on the Au750 solid gold nib. A sceptre-shaped clip is detailed with a red stone.


Victoria’s ornate red coronation dress inspires the colour of the translucent lacquer cap and barrel, along with elements in the Au750 solid gold overlay pattern. A royal blue crown adorns the cap top, whilst the nib features an English rose engraving. The clip takes the shape of Victoria’s royal sceptre, set with a red garnet in tribute to her engagement ring from Albert.
Decorating the cap and barrel, an Au750 solid gold overlay evokes the ornate architecture of the Crystal Palace, as does the domed cap top. Translucent grey lacquer detailing represents the tartan that Albert designed for Balmoral Castle. The handcrafted nib is embossed with his coat of arms, whilst the sceptre-shaped clip features a red garnet in tribute to the Queen’s engagement ring.


Decorated with a guilloche inspired by Crystal Palace and set with turquoise stones. The cap top design is inspired by a small royal blue lacquer crown and set with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl. A detachable cap ring is adorned with an orange blossom and the royal couple’s linked hands.
A mother-of-pearl barrel features Au750 solid gold fittings, in tribute to the colours of Victoria’s wedding dress.
Handcrafted in Au750 solid gold. The nib is embossed with a pansy, representing loving thoughts.
Shaped to resemble Queen Victoria’s sceptre, the end features a blue sapphire in homage to a coronet Albert designed for the sovereign in 1840, the year they married.
Engraved with nine lines that represent Victoria and Albert’s nine children. An intertwined heart-shaped amethyst evokes a bracelet gifted from Victoria’s mother when the royal engagement was announced.



Fashioned from black onyx with an Au750 solid white gold inlay. Details include a small black lacquer crown on the cap top, a monogrammed medallion, and a detachable cap ring engraved with the dates of Queen Victoria’s reign.
Adorned with a decorative pattern, the black onyx barrel is detailed with Au750 gold and partly set with brilliant cut diamonds.
A handcrafted Au750 solid gold nib is embossed with a pansy, a flower that symbolises loving thoughts.
Inspired by the shape of Queen Victoria’s sceptre, the clip’s blue sapphire setting features in tribute to the coronet Albert designed for Victoria on the year of their wedding.
Engraved with “Queen of an Empire of which the sun never set” and framed by a pattern inspired by the Kensington Palace bedroom where Princess Victoria grew up. Her coronation ring inspired the inlay formed of sapphires, diamonds and rubies at the end of the cone.