Patron of Art Edition 2012 Joseph II - Korea

Hee-ja Chung

Artsonje Center & Museum

On 26 September, Montblanc proudly presented the Montblanc de la Cultrure Arts Patronage Award Korea to Hee-ja Chung, Director of the Artsonje Center in Seoul. The jury had chosen Hee-ja Chung in recognition of her endless support and patronage for the development of Korean modern art and her continued sponsorship activities in a wide array of fields related to culture and art.

Director Chung announced her intention to use the prize money for the organising committee of the Busan International Film Festival, which the director has sponsored for many years. Korean jury members included Dean Chung Joon-soo of Kyung Hee University's College of Music, Music Director Park Eun-Hee of the Korean Festival Ensemble, and professor Lee Ji-eun of the Department of Art History of Myongji University.