Monique Wyssmüller

Looking back, Monique Wyssmüller can grin about how she came to join Montblanc. Like many of her colleagues, this trained watch adjuster had no choice but to pack away her traditional watchmaker’s tools in 1976 and begin a new career in a different profession. But she never doubted that she would one day return to haute horlogerie – as indeed she has.

We at Montblanc Manufacture in Villeret are proud to have Monique Wyssmüller among our staff. She is an internationally recognised authority. There are no templates for her work and no technical aids. Relying solely on her skilled sensitivity for the task, she adjusts and readjusts the “breaths” of the handmade hairsprings until they perfectly set the rate in the balances of high-precision timepieces. So when she gives each watch its precision, she also gives it a special additional quality: personality.