Petit Prince Aviator

“All Grown-ups Were Once Children…”

An Homage to the Unique Relationship of the Pilot and the Petit Prince

Think Inside the Box

"Please…draw me a sheep!” – A stranded pilot in the Sahara meets a little prince with this unusual request, which marked the beginning of one of the most extraordinary mentoring relationships in literary history. After three unsuccessful attempts of drawing a sheep, the frustrated aviator finally draws a simple box, claiming that the sheep is inside it. The little prince is satisfied.

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“But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart..."

- The Little Prince, 25.26-19.

The curiosity and impartiality of the little prince forces the pilot to question his actions again and again, until he learns that true creativity arises only by questioning – like the drawing of a sheep in a box. For us, it is reason enough to make the sheep one of the heroes of the Le Petit Prince & The Aviator collection. Engraved on the nib of the writing instruments, it should remind us of what changing perspectives can achieve.

Two that Fell From the Sky

Saint-Exupéry put a lot of his own life into the story. As a postal and military pilot himself, the subject of flying always fascinated him. The brown colour as a recurring element of the collection is a tribute to the leather from the aviator's cap.

"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it."

- Aviator.

The book The Little Prince encourages the reader to focus on what really matters and to look with the heart. The collection itself inspires a change in perspective from time to time: whether by seeing life through the eyes of a child, like the little prince encourages us to do, or from above, like through the eyes of the aviator and dreamer that Saint-Exupéry was.