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The new Montblanc M_Gram 4810: born from the archives, made for the next generation of urban explorers


Instantly recognisable by its archive-inspired print, the Montblanc M_Gram 4810 embodies the innovative and pioneering Montblanc spirit. The collection now welcomes new pieces that can be worn in different ways and a bold new two-tone blue pattern. These new shapes and colour canvases are inspired by, and evolve alongside, the next generation of urban explorers. Driven by curiosity, creativity and craftsmanship, this collection is for those who aim to leave their own bold mark on the world.

Bold Streetwear Attitude Meets Relaxed Elegance

Underscoring the richness of the Maison’s heritage, the two-tone M pattern is derived from the geometry and lettering of Montblanc’s communications from the 1920s. The newly adapted signature print stands as a modern take on the time-tested graphic elements. Striking a balance between bold streetwear attitude and relaxed elegance, Montblanc M_Gram 4810 allows a seamless transition from the day into the evening and from business meetings to personal journeys.

Heritage Craftsmanship: Secret in the Details

Characterised by the return to modern classicism and its unisex appeal, the collection’s leather goods feature compact shapes without compromising on functionality. The original all-over logo is featured throughout the collection, including a backpack, duffle bag, pouch, wallets and belts. The PVC-coated, scratch-resistant canvas is paired with black leather trimming details, while the white Montblanc logo script set against the timeless black and blue combination adds a sophisticated design twist to each piece.