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The exhibition at MONTBLANC HAUS is about history as much as it is about the present and the future. It is about people who have left their mark in the world. About those who follow in their footsteps and about those who do not follow any path, only their own intuition. It is about everyone who has inspired, is inspired and will inspire. About the instruments putting the inspiration on paper.

A guided tour is the greatest way to experience the MONTBLANC HAUS. You may consider one of the following options.

Discover the exhibition of MONTBLANC HAUS, including our free audio guide for additional information. Choose your preferred timeslot today.
Find out more about MONTBLANC HAUS with our guided tour in English or German. You have the option to book a private tour or join an open group tour.
An exclusive look behind the scenes: Take the guided tour through MONTBLANC HAUS and complete it with a visit of our manufacture.
Visit MONTBLANC HAUS with your class and experience writing beyond textbooks.
Learn how to use the power of writing for yourself with one of our classes around calligraphy, hand lettering, creative writing and more.

Audio Guide

A mysterious chest full of historical writing instruments, a protagonist looking for answers: Welcome to our interactive Audio Guide. It includes everything you need to know about MONTBLANC HAUS and is free to use with your own smartphone.

For those without a smartphone, we offer portable audio guides with headphones at MONTBLANC HAUS. 

MONTBLANC HAUS is open for all. Come and join us to experience writing like never before.
Hellgrundweg, 98 22525
Hamburg, Germany

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