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Eid Mubarak

This Eid, Montblanc celebrates the Art of Writing and making meaningful connections to enhance the legacy of storytelling and the importance of the written word. Harnessing the talent of three regional personalities, Bahraini filmmaker and content creator Omar Farooq, music composer, producer and DJ Karrouhat and Emirati poet Sarah Murad, each articulate through their respective crafts the meaningful moments of family togetherness and connection.

The message, as a poem written by poetess Murad, is a reminder to always count our blessings, adopt a youthful spirit, and maintain the strength to carry on during challenging times all this underscored by the grandfather’s heartfelt desire to see his loved ones prosper and thrive.

Each scene is harmoniously complemented by Karrouhat's special soundtrack lended in a haunting tone.

''I can almost feel his soul through paper. His sacred scripture fills me with hope He wrotes like a traveler through magic, as though time ceased to exist in his words. Finding where we belong, like the nights we spent beneath the Ramadan sky. Together and forever alive" - Emirati poet Sarah Murad.