On the Move with Mark Maker 

Cillian Murphy 

At Montblanc, we believe that the way you move inspires the mark you make. That every choice can affect the ultimate destination of an individual’s journey. Motivated by this concept, Montblanc Mark Maker Cillian Murphy reflects on his past whilst also looking ahead to the future in a special ‘On the Move’ film.

A powerful presence on stage, television and the silver screen alike, actor Cillian Murphy is an apt choice for the role of Montblanc’s On the Move Mark Maker. Cillian’s work has taken him all over the world in search of his next performance, meaning he understands the true importance of the journey when it comes to pursuing one’s passions.  


The concept of mobility is deeply rooted in Montblanc heritage. 100 years ago, the 1920s ushered in major changes in the way people moved, including the first passenger flights and the rise of widespread international travel. Witnessing this shift, Montblanc crafted an array of innovative products to enhance the empowering experience of the journey.


That same spirit of mobility still inspires Montblanc today, as designs encourage a new generation to go On the Move in pursuit of their passions.

Follow Cillian on a thought-provoking journey back in time, as he ponders a journey taken in reverse. By considering the path he’s taken, he can discover the power to define his destination.


What moves you, makes you.

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