Leather - Sartorial collection

Striking a balance between heritage and modernity, the Montblanc Sartorial collection continues to break new ground while ensuring the preservation of century-old traditions. Central to the collection's aesthetics is the reinvention of an icon – the Montblanc "M" – re-engineered as an M-shaped front pocket. These ever-evolving leather pieces combine impeccable style with new functionalities, making them the perfect companion for business nomads, city travellers and entrepreneurial doers on their journeys from fast-paced days to sophisticated nights.


Behind the walls of the Maison's leather competence centre on the outskirts of Florence, ancestral craftsmanship, state of the art technology and enduring design come together to create every Montblanc leather piece. Established in the Italian leather trade's historical centre, the Pelletteria has become Montblanc's centre of leather excellence. It is here that Montblanc designers and local artisans source skins from selected tanneries and transform them into fine quality leather pieces.

By fully understanding the touch of leather, how to cut it, and where and how to assemble the individual parts, Montblanc is able to create extraordinary pieces of art.


Crafted in black, deep blue or bold graphite leather, Montblanc Sartorial is thoughtfully designed to reflect its owner's ever-changing lifestyle. The collection encompasses leather goods both big and small: from wallets, passport holders and key fobs to document cases, backpacks and messenger bags. The iconic M-shape design remains a constant feature throughout the bags offer, linking each individually designed piece together.