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Montblanc Career



Our Headquarters in Hamburg

It is probably no coincidence that Montblanc was founded in Hamburg in 1906. The Hanseatic city presents itself as an international metropolis, conscious of its tradition and always striving to achieve further greatness. It is a city is where employees breathe life into the Montblanc brand – from Administration to Finance & Controlling, from Marketing & Communication to Product Category Management. 

At Montblanc, we are proud to be Hamburgers! While Hamburgers are down to earth, they also like to aim high: We have one of the concert halls with the best acoustics in the world (Elbphilharmonie) and more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and Rome put together (2,500). Oh, and our heart beats for two football clubs at once! It takes just a few minutes to be surrounded by green (parks and forests) or blue (Alster lakes and the harbour). The Hanseatic city has just 133 days of rain a year. That is why the only people in Hamburg who go out with umbrellas are the tourist guides. Everyone else just enjoys living in – here comes another superlative – one of the world’s twenty most livable cities.

Artisan Atelier

Fulfilling bespoke requirements with the precision, innovation and trust needed - that is what drives the roughly 60 specially trained employees at our Artisan Atelier. In close collaboration with our designers, our craftsmen develop and create unique items and very small series for customers as well as limited special editions such as the “Patron of Art“, “Masters of Meisterstück” and “Artisan Editions”.

But time is needed when such diligence is required. It can take up to three years before a 14-carat gold band and selected materials such as marble, wood or porcelain have been transformed into a unique item with a market price of up to €2.5 million or a strictly limited edition can be produced. The joy of beauty and perfection is another key mainspring which motivates tool mechanics, goldsmiths and gem setters at the Artisan Atelier when deploying their skills to create artistic products.