Maria Callas



In celebration of her 100th birthday, the Montblanc Muses collector line pays tribute to revered soprano Maria Callas – one of the most important opera singers of the 20th century. The special edition collection of luxury writing instruments and stationery pays homage to her remarkable talent, tremendous charisma and unforgettable style.

Praised for her extraordinary talent and vocal range, Maria Callas’ unique presence earned her the nickname La Divina; the divine one. From Donizetti and Rossini, to Verdi, Puccini and Bellini, Callas’ impressive repertoire spans masterpieces from the world's greatest opera composers. An homage to her enduring influence, the Montblanc Muses special edition celebrates Callas’ creative excellence, with details recalling her signature performances and style expression.


Inspired by Maria Callas’ favourite colour, the special edition collection spotlights a bold yet elegant shade of turquoise blue. From the cap to the barrel, this iconic colour is used across each luxury writing instrument in the collection.

In memory of her sea-encircled Greek homeland, the platinum-coated clip is decorated with a petal-cut stone whose colour is reminiscent of the radiant turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea.

Paying tribute to the operatic diva’s nickname and iconic look, the 14K solid gold, rhodium-coated nib of the special edition fountain pen is inscribed with ‘La Davina’, plus an illustration of her famous cat eyes.

Maria Callas’ handwritten signature adorns the cone of the special edition fountain pen, along with a laurel leaf pattern recalling her seminal performance as the druid priestess in Vincenzo Bellini’s ‘Norma’.

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