Nimsdai Purja

Story of a Mark Maker, Meet Mountaineering Pioneer Nimsdai Purja

In the words of Nepalese mountaineer Nimsdai Purja, “Nothing is impossible”. The holder of multiple mountaineering records, he has conquered summits like few ever have.

In 2019, Nimsdai set out to climb 14 immense peaks around the world, each standing over 8,000 feet above sea level. Against all the odds, he succeeded – in just seven months. Over the course of his adventures, Nimsdai has formed a natural connection to icy mountain environments, with glaciers inspiring him to reach new heights.

A living embodiment of the Montblanc ethos, “what moves you, makes you”, Nimsdai’s passion, courage and determination render him the lifting Mark Maker for the Glacier collection.

Glacier Collection