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In an age when messages disappear from our minds as instantly as they appear on our devices, an email, a text or a phone call might be the most efficient way to connect. But, just like the heart emoji does not contain the full range of emotion, no binary code can rival the act of picking up a pen and committing words to paper. Now, together with Montblanc Post, you can reconnect with those close to your heart by writing and sending letters.

So, let's get pens in hands, feelings on paper, and letters in the mail. Visit your Montblanc boutique and reconnect with somebody you miss and care about by reaching out to them in a uniquely personal way. But before we revive the tradition of handwritten correspondence, dive into these 5 easy tips that will help you create your perfect handwritten message.

1. Take your time

Texts and emails are quick and reactionary. But writing messages by hand is a much more deliberate act that requires you to pause and think about what you really want to say. There also might be a limited paper space, so take a moment to evaluate each phrase and make every word count. While you focus on finding the right words, Montblanc Post will take care of all stationery and postage.

2. Choose the design

A letter or a postcard from a friend is a welcome change from the bills and taxes usually found in a letterbox. This seemingly small gesture has a huge impact and is much more than a sum of its words – it’s a tangible gift of your time and effort that will delight and is worth treasuring for years to come. To find the right medium for your words, stop by your Montblanc boutique and choose between 4 colourful postcards and a high-quality paper with the Montblanc Post letterhead, available to you free-of-charge.

3. Make it personal

A thoughtfully crafted message in the post is the most personal way to reconnect with family and friends without extra screen time at a computer or phone. Embrace your handwriting and write from the heart: send them a wish, share some good news, or just tell them you are thinking about and miss them. By choosing the perfect words and writing them out in your best cursive on a carefully selected stationery, you send more than a message - you send a personalised gift.

4. Use the right tools

For seasoned calligraphers, handwritten notes are the perfect chance to show off their skills. However, for those who still need to polish their cursive script, using the right tools can be the first step to perfecting their penmanship. At your Montblanc boutique, you can craft your message using a Montblanc pen and ink. If you wish to take your writing to the next level, watch our calligraphy tutorial with lettering artist and designer Seb Lester here

5. Post it

Montblanc Post is here to make sure your handwritten message reaches the recipient. After you write the correct address in clear upper-case letters, hand the final draft over to our boutique staff or drop it into the dedicated Montblanc Post mailbox – we’ll take care of the postage for you. Do not worry if you can’t remember the address or wish to take it home and send it at your own time – we’ll make sure you have the right postage.

A message crafted by hand carries personal touch and is a simple, yet profound way to create moments of connection that are worth treasuring. So, next time you wish to reconnect with a friend, family member or colleague, switch off your computer, put aside your phone and instead rediscover the joy of writing letters by hand at your Montblanc boutique*.

*Available in selected boutiques worldwide.