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A series inspired by the history of Montblanc

Some of the world's greatest stories have been written with a Montblanc. Here, we tell our own stories.

Episode 1 - Raising the Stakes

A journey to the early days of a start-up you today might know under the name "Montblanc".

Episode 2 - The Game Changer

The story of three entrepreneurs. One innovative pen. And zero ideas how to name it.

Episode 3 - The White Mirror

About inspiration and where to find it, from blank pages to snowcapped mountains.

Episode 4 - Never Never

So – you’ve never heard how the first Meisterstück was created? It’s never too late to find out.

Montblanc Haus

Opening 2022

A place to inspire writing. Stay curious for this unseen experience of Montblanc’s past, present and future.

Don't miss the Grand Opening. Stay Tuned for news from Montblanc.


A collector's item with silk-screen printed cover and a slipcase made of linen.

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Start your own legacy

All it takes is an idea and a pen to put it on paper.

Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Audacious, bold, imaginative – inspired by the early days of Montblanc.