Latest Launches - Meisterstück

Montblanc writing instruments have helped inspire writing for generations – especially the Meisterstück, our most famous pen. Now, its iconic design influences a new collection of leather accessories, drawing on design signatures from the brand’s heritage.

Inspired by the written word

In tribute to the enduring legacy of the writing instrument the collection is named after, all Meisterstück Classic styles are detailed with a signature nib motif. Not only is the nib the defining feature of the Meisterstück, it is the essence of Montblanc itself. 

Rooted in history

With its finely honed, expertly crafted design, the Meiserstück – German for ‘masterpiece’ – has stood the test of time for almost 100 years, helping writers express their true potential. 

Now, the Meiserstück  collection borrows signature looks from the Montblanc archive 

to inspire a new generation. 

Key details

Reviving timeless aesthetics from Montblanc’s heritage, the Meisterstück  collection is designed in a shade of deep black in tribute to the Meisterstück pen, complemented by shades of coral and blue sourced from the brand’s archives. The Mont Blanc summit features in the form of a striking silhouette, in addition to the brand’s signature snow cap emblem. 

The start of a new story

Meisterstück is the debut collection from our new Creative Director, Marco Tomasetta. A true style innovator, Marco specialises in the design of sophisticated leather goods and accessories. His illustrious career has included work for a number of renowned luxury maisons. 

Marco’s sketches

Get a glimpse into the artistry behind the collection. Work-in-progress drawings reveal various designs and details, as taken from Creative Director Marco Tomasetta’s own sketchbook.