Montblanc x Naruto

Montblanc x Naruto

Telling the exciting tale of orphan Naruto and his friends as they endeavour to become powerful ninjas, Naruto Shippuden is a manga and anime beloved by millions around the world. This bold and contemporary collection from Montblanc brings the adventures of Naruto to life across stylish writing instruments, leather goods and smartwatches.

Recognised by the Shonen Hall of Fame, Naruto has achieved iconic status as one of the best-selling mangas in history. 2022 marks the landmark 20th anniversary of the internationally renowned anime series, so to celebrate, Montblanc has collaborated with Naruto’s creators on a collection inspired by the art of storytelling and self-expression. 

The Story

The hero of the story, Naruto is a young and ambitious ninja who is determined to be the best in the land. His dream takes him on an epic journey filled with battles, challenges and adventures, but he still has much to learn. 

A hermit possessing prodigious ninja skill, Jiraiya accepts godson Naruto as his final student. Having travelled the world in search of knowledge, he is also a writer with an enduring love of the written word.

Naruto’s journey makes him a figure with fascinating stories to tell. Jiraiya, as a mentor and writer, has much to teach. As a result, both characters share a strong connection through self-expression and the act of storytelling. 


Symbols are an integral part of the rich storytelling that shapes Naruto’s world. A visual means of transmitting knowledge, they are used to signify integral narrative elements such as clans, magic and elements in nature.

Stylish Designs Inspired by an Epic Story

Montblanc x Naruto Collection