Discover - StarWalker collection

For millennia, mankind has seen constellations carved in the stars, envisioned an entire canon of deities watching over us, and envisioned other worlds beyond this one. But perhaps more important than what they imgined, was that they imagined something at all. They committed those thoughts to the written page, and passed them down the ages. Today, we've taken momentous steps and have gone from simply imagining the stars to learning about them - and exploring them first-hand.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere


With this unique collection of writing instruments, Montblanc pays homage to the technological achievements that have taken mankind to the stars. Created with the crafting excellence that defines the Maison, the polished platinum coated cap and barrel represents the astronauts' space suits and the angled clip cover and dome resemble the miracles of engineering that produced spaceships.


As our first explorers entered orbit and looked back at earth, they saw a pale blue gem nestled on a vast expanse of black velvet. That bluish hue was the water to which earth owes its amazing biological diversity. The signature translucent blue dome beneath the emblem of the StarWalker collection reminds us of that famous heavenly view of the earth, while the black resin represents the ending void of space in which we all reside.