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At Montblanc, we work hard to have a positive impact on the planet and its people, and are committed to always being responsible and honest.

Understanding our emissions better is the first step to reduce our footprint. We are collaborating with experts in the field to measure the impact generated by our production activities in order to reduce our emissions across the entire supply chain. We are changing heating systems, windows and lighting in our main buildings; and by 2025 the electricity we source worldwide will be 100% renewable.
And while our journey into being more sustainable has already begun, we also take responsibility in our emissions caused by buildings, manufacturing, company vehicles, electricity, and heating (Scope 1 and 2) and direct Greenhouse Gas emissions caused by business travel and logistics (Scope 3) by offsetting these emissions.
Also, in 2022, the studies we are undertaking will enable us to express tangible mid and long-term reduction targets.
We not only take care of what happens inside our house, we require our supply chain partners to follow the Richemont Code of conduct, as well. We are proud to be part of the Leather Working Group to ensure we work with a network of global suppliers that take social and environmental considerations into account. Our goals are to achieve:
Leather sourced 100% from Europe and from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, by 2023.

C02 neutrality by 2023 in the leather we use - from slaughterhouse to the finished products.
We are aware that the materials we use are finite, and it is important to us as a company to extend their lifespan whenever possible. As a result, we have developed new plastic-free packaging for both clients and logistics.
All our products using nylon are fully recyclable and sourced from recycled plastic. In addition, we’re already recycling all the metal parts of our leather products and leftover materials. These are transformed into new products, thereby lowering our environmental footprint.

We pledge:

To be PVC free by the end of 2022.

To achieve full roll out of gift packaging by 2022
Writing not only helps us to develop our communication and thinking skills but also allows us to express who we are as people. For us, as a brand, it is the most authentic and meaningful way we can give back to society. This is because we truly believe that no matter the background, everyone should have the opportunity to leave a mark through writing.
For example, Montblanc has a global education initiative "Dear Future" fighting illiteracy and reducing discrimination, empowering underprivileged people. For decades, we have been collaborating with different NGOs - from UNICEF to Laureus - and local initiatives around the world that contribute to this cause. And from this year on, we will do so not only by funding small organisations across the world but also by encouraging our employees to volunteer in the program.
Attention to detail, innovation, pioneering spirit, passion for craftsmanship and a sense of quality define Montblanc. Our work environment fosters our employees to develop their skills in the best possible conditions, always pursuing further refinement of Montblanc’s craftsmanship.
Since 1949 we have been transmitting our craftsmanship knowledge through the Toolmaker apprenticeship program, training new apprentices to become skilled workers every year. In 2005 we incorporated the Process Mechanic program, and in 2013 the Machinist program, allowing us to train a new generation of artisans with a shared passion for craftsmanship every year. We do so by combining our historical know-how and technical creativity to craft timeless products. This fosters collaboration between senior and junior employees, ensuring our skills are preserved and passed on to the next generation.
At Montblanc, we truly believe that craftsmanship can help our local communities prosper. So we offer vocational training and apprenticeships that teach the next generation how to craft objects instead of just consuming them.