The 500 Hours Quality Certificate

The 500 Hours Quality Certificate

Right from the beginning of the production process, the watchmakers in the Montblanc Manufacture do everything to uphold the superior quality of all individual parts. The manufacturing methods, the expertise and the meticulous attention to detail assure that the finished products meet our highest standards of quality.

To guarantee the foremost level of performance of all their Manufacture timepieces, the quality team of Montblanc Montre S.A. in Le Locle developed and implemented a comprehensive testing programme to validate the highest quality of every Manufacture Montblanc watch before it leaves the Manufacture in Le Locle.

This 500 hours test simulates the first year's lifecycle of a timepiece. The complete encased movements are precisely examined in a dedicated laboratory. Every Montblanc watch with a Manufacture movement is tested under conditions that emulate as closely as possible the environment that the watch will encounter when it is worn by its future owner. The testing programme consists of several phases, each of which is performed according to methods that are widely used throughout the watchmaking industry.

Special devices monitor each test. The individual testing methods applied and the duration of the 500 hours testing period make this examination truly special in the watchmaking world.

By testing every Montblanc Manufacture timepiece for almost three weeks, Montblanc seeks to ascertain the outstanding quality and reliability of each Manufacture watch allowing it to become a lifetime companion for its future owner.