Joel Escalona - Design inspired by people

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For Joel Escalona, the world is a place of unlimited inspiration. A tap, a pan: You will find everyday products like these in the portfolio of the Mexican designer. Why? Because it’s people that inspire him – and given there are over seven billion in the world, that makes for quite a number of inspiring subjects, and an even higher number of possible ideas. How can ideas help people? This is one of design’s most fundamental questions.

Of course, taps and pans are not the only area Joel Escalona is exploring with his design. From extravagant furniture pieces to unique jewellery collections, his work brings creativity and products together and has found worldwide recognition: It has appeared in the most prestigious design publications and has won numerous international awards.

While Joel Escalona thinks about how his ideas can support other people in their daily lives, he himself uses a very special tool for his work. A fine writing instrument that in his case has become a “sketching instrument”. The Montblanc M. For Escalona, it is like an extension of his mind – or, as he puts it: “I think with my hand, therefore I need the best tool that I can have.”

It is not by accident that he chose the Montblanc M to create the sketches for his designs. He says it’s about the weight of the writing instrument and the presence that comes with it. A tool that feels powerful, almost like a magic wand transferring its power to the design.

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