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A New Way to Dream

The latest Great Characters Limited Edition collection pays homage to the immortal legacy of Walt Disney.


Few creative figures have left such an indelible mark on popular culture as Walt Elias Disney. His unforgettable cartoon characters, optimistic storytelling and pioneering filmmaking have captured the minds and imaginations of adults and children alike. A lifelong innovator, he brought the on-screen entertainment into the real world with the opening of Disneyland Park in 1955.

“I do not make films primarily for
children. I make them for the child in
all of us.” - Walt Disney


Since his humble beginnings as a cartoon artist, Disney continuously challenged the creative status quo, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and entertainment. The iconic Steamboat Willie brought us the beloved Mickey Mouse in 1928 and is recognised as an early example of an animation with synchronised sound. Lauded as a creative genius before turning 40, Disney was honoured with a total of 32 Academy Awards and 59 nominations – a record that remains unchallenged today.


Created in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company, the design of the Montblanc Great Characters Limited Edition Walt Disney™ is inspired by the famous monorail at Disneyland Park - the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere. The writing instrument's clip refers to the smokestack on the boat in Steamboat Willie, while the black, red and yellow colour combination and the Au585 solid gold rhodium-coated nib is a nod to Mickey Mouse. An exciting surprise can be found on the precious resin cap and barrel, decorated with a animated sequence of the iconic character.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
- Walt Disney


For generations, Disney’s creations have been an invitation to open the door to the escapist world where fantasy reigns supreme. The next unforgettable story is waiting to be brought to life with the new Great Characters Limited Edition Walt Disney collection.

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