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Welcome to Hamburg, the beautiful harbor city that is the birthplace of Montblanc. Now, it is home to MONTBLANC HAUS. Situated right next to our headquarters and the manufacturing facility of our iconic writing instruments, it invites visitors from all over the world to experience the power of writing.

Expect to be surprised

5 facts about the MONTBLANC HAUS
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  • In Hamburg’s Sternschanzen district, there has already been a “Montblanc Haus”. It was home to Montblanc’s HQ and manufacture from the 1930s to the late 1980s.
  • The shape of MONTBLANC HAUS is a homage to a historical writing instrument packaging
  • 5 original handwritten texts from Nobel prize laureates are exhibited in our autograph library.
  • 2.3 mm: The smallest Montblanc emblem is engraved into the nib of a historical fountain pen.
  • 18th century: Nothing in the MONTBLANC HAUS is older than the autograph of French philosopher Voltaire. But that’s just a small part of MONTBLANC HAUS. Inside you will find: 412 writing instruments, 167 showcases, 28 digital screens, 7 writing desks, and the people who love writing as much as you do.

Montblanc Signed

Some of the world's greatest stories have been written with a Montblanc. Here, we tell our own stories. Watch Montblanc Signed, a series about the history of Montblanc – and a preview of what to expect at the MONTBLANC HAUS.

MONTBLANC HAUS is open for all. Come and join us to experience writing like never before.
Hellgrundweg, 98 22525
Hamburg, Germany

+49 40 84001 0

Opening Hours


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There are many options to visit the MONTBLANC HAUS. Select your ticket option now.

Discover the exhibition of MONTBLANC HAUS, including our free audio guide for additional information. Choose your preferred timeslot today.
Find out more about MONTBLANC HAUS with our guided tour in English or German. You have the option to book a private tour or join an open group tour.
An exclusive look behind the scenes: Take the guided tour through Montblanc Haus and complete it with a visit of our manufacture.
Visit MONTBLANC HAUS with your class and experience writing beyond textbooks.