Valentine's Day - a story about a truly memorable day

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There are many layers to a gift. A thoughtful one can create an impactful memory of the experience of giving it - the atmosphere, every sound, scent and feeling in the moment, which is amplified if it happens to be a gift from someone special.

My girlfriend and I were brought together by our love for art. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we spent an afternoon retracing the steps of the day we met.

Our shared habit of hunting down hidden gems, to escape the chaos of New York City, had led us both to Paley Park one summer morning. She had been absorbed in a tattered copy of The Unknown Masterpiece , unaware that I was drawing her.

Today was a grey February day in Paley Park , but for a minute we both felt the blissful warmth of the June air. It was the perfect setting for the gift that I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. I reached into my pocket to reveal a bracelet with a delicate infinity charm. I slipped it onto her wrist, creating a new memory for her in Paley Park , which made the frigid winter day a little brighter.

I had given her that sketch on the day we met and we bantered about art school and galleries for a bit. My favorite was nearby, The Frick, and I was able to convince her to take a walk there with me, even though I was then a complete stranger. As we walked into the conservatory today, the familiar hush and the scent of old wood transported us back to our first visit together. She surprised me when she pulled out a pair of remarkable cufflinks, just in time for my first exhibition opening this weekend.

A thoughtful gift, given at the right time, like a promise bracelet in the park we first met or a pair of cufflinks to accompany me on my exhibition opening.

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