Montblanc De La Culture Patron of Art Edition 2011 Gaius Maecenas China Winner Liao Changyong Close-Up

Patron of Art Edition 2011 Gaius Maecenas - China

Liao Changyong

Liao Chan Yong Vocal Art Special Fund

The talented opera singer Liao Changyong is the recipient of the Chinese Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award 2011. Between 1996 and 1997, he won the first prize at the 41st French International Toulouse Singing Competition, the Placido Domingo World Opera Competition and the Queen Songja International Music Competition. He was honoured for his extraordinary development of art and culture in China.
Liao Chang Yong announced his intention to use the prize money of €15,000 for his project to promote old Chinese songs from the Tang or Song Dynasties and bring them to the international opera stage.