Montblanc De La Culture Patron of Art Edition 2011 Gaius Maecenas Korea Winner Young-Dal Yoon Close-Up

Patron of Art Edition 2011 Gaius Maecenas - Korea

Young-Dal Yoon

Promotion of Korean classical music

On 4 July 2011, the Korean Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award was presented to Young-Dal Yoon, CEO of Crown-Haitai Confectionary, for his considerable contribution to the development of gugak, a special type of traditional Korean music, and for his devotion to discovering and supporting young talented musicians who shaping the future of gugak in Korea.
The award ceremony was accompanied by a performance by the RaGeum Orchestra, which was founded by Korean award winner. The award-receiver plans to deliver the prize money of €15,000 to the Yangju Music Ensemble, consisting of Korea’s leading gugak masters.