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Montblanc e-Tag

The Montblanc e-Tag key fob combines the timeless design of Montblanc leather accessories with new technology. Attach the e-Tag key fob to an item of value and it will connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone in order to prevent the item being stolen or lost. Functions include:

Locate: You can locate items with an e-Tag attached within your proximity. 

Range alarm: If the e-Tag is moved out of your proximity the phone will sound an alarm by playing a special Montblanc melody. The app will navigate you to the e-Tag’s last seen location.

Motion alarm: If your e-Tag is moved, an alarm is raised. This signal, which goes off immediately, means you maintain full control of your items

Reconnect alarm: Your phone notifies you if your e-Tag comes back into range, for example when your checked luggage arrives on the carousel.




Baggage Tracker

Montblanc appreciates the value of luggage and its contents, and with that in mind has combined its years of experience in premium design and innovative technology to craft a secure luggage locator. With an advanced alarm system and classic leather craftsmanship that has become synonymous with Montblanc, the e-tag luggage tracking device is designed to make your life easier when it comes to knowing the whereabouts of your belongings.

A Luggage Tracker for a Global Lifestyle

Whether travelling for business or leisure, keeping your items secure is of the utmost importance. When leading an on-the-go lifestyle, sometimes it can be difficult to always keep an eye on your belongings – especially between working in airports, rushing to meetings, or simply navigating about your daily routine. The luggage tracker key fob by Montblanc is the ideal way to keep all your bags in check and dedicate your valuable time and attention to the things that need it the most.

Crafted with a full-grain cowhide exterior, the luggage tracker is designed to look like a regular key fob. It can be easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which enables the smart bag tag to communicate continuously with your phone; the pairing process between the two devices only needs to be carried out once. Once completed, simply launch the Montblanc e-Tag app on your phone and you’re good to go.

Innovative Technology Meets Classic Design

Once up and running, you can locate your e-Tag bag tracker by simply tapping on the locate button within the app which will play an unobtrusive alarm. Once you’ve found it, you can switch off the alarm either directly on the trackable keychain or via the app. The Montblanc luggage tracker also comes equipped with a motion alarm that immediately signals to you whenever your luggage has been moved, allowing you to have full awareness of all your items no matter where you are. The range alarm will navigate you to the luggage tracker’s last seen location. Finally, the reconnect alarm will notify you as soon as your luggage has come back into range, for example, if your checked luggage arrives on the carousel at your destination.

As with all things Montblanc, this particular security accessory does not compromise on style. If attaching it to, for example, a classic Montblanc leather business bag, the luggage tracking tag will only serve to complement the traditional craftsmanship of our leather goods. Embossed with the classic engraved Montblanc emblem, there’s no mistaking the mastery of craft with this small item.

By attaching this stylish luggage locator tag to your bag, you are not only protecting your belongings from potential loss or harm, but also investing in peace of mind and freeing up time and energy for important matters at hand.