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Montblanc M

“Good design has always been about creating objects that stand the test of time. With a sense of quality and timelessness – values that are synonymous with Montblanc.”

Marc Newson

From the very beginning, when the company was established more than a century ago, the founders of Montblanc placed special emphasis on sophisticated design. And ever since then, stylish yet functional elegance has characterized Montblanc’s exclusive writing instruments. When merged with immaculate craftsmanship, timeless and distinctive design ensures every Montblanc piece has perfect functionality within a truly expressive shape. Now, embarking on a design partnership for the first time in its history, Montblanc has entrusted its distinctive design language to one of the most influential designers of our generation: Marc Newson.


With Montblanc M, Marc Newson is creating a new writing instrument collection for the company. Reduced as it is to essentials, the name echoes the purity of the design. As a connecting element, the letter M stands for Newson’s first name as well as for Montblanc. 

Enriching Montblanc’s design language with his unmistakable and innovative style, Marc Newson perfectly balances form and function in the new Montblanc M collection. When his trademark biomorphic style meets the iconic design cues of Montblanc, the result is both unique and timeless. Crafted from black precious resin, the writing instrument’s fluid lines flow gently into one another. Moving from the Montblanc emblem on the cap, along the platinum-plated clip, which magnetically aligns with a white precious resin Montblanc emblem on the perfectly flat “plateau” of the barrel, the consummate totality of the form is a visionary design expression. Comprising a Fountain Pen, a Rollerball, a Ballpoint Pen, a ScreenWriter and the new Artfineliner, Montblanc M represents a new generation of writing instruments.

Montblanc M Writing Instruments Close-Up



Hidden within the distinctive exterior of each Montblanc M writing instrument lies the collection’s true highlight. The innovative cap-closing mechanism represents a unique symbiosis of form and function utilizing magnetism to an astonishing effect. When the writing instrument is closed, the cap always automatically aligns with the Montblanc emblem embedded in the “plateau” of the writing instrument. This imaginative yet functional solution ensures the Montblanc M always retains its remarkable silhouette. The snap mechanism smooths closure and keeps the cap firmly in place.

Perfectly befitting the work of an iconic product designer, Montblanc has introduced a new mode of writing with the launch of the Montblanc M collection: the Artfineliner. This new extra-thin fineliner opens Montblanc’s fine writing culture to all those who create and innovate, such as designers, architects and engineers. It is perfect for precise technical drawings and thus the ideal complement to Montblanc’s established line of writing instruments.

This product contains magnets. It shall not be used during pregnancy or while nursing an infant, or by persons fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches, or other electro-medical devices as the magnetic field emitted by this product affects the proper functioning of the above mentioned devices. Therefore the product shall not be worn or stored intheir vicinity (15 cm at least). This product also shall not be used in the vicinity of high voltage machinery or cables. The magnetic field emitted by this product may affect data stored on credit cards, mobile phones, personal digital assistants or video/audio tapes. Before using this product, if you have any doubt about its safety, please consult your health care professional.