Anas Bukhash

December 2018 - 6 Minute read
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Anas Bukhash?

How entrepreneur and motivational speaker fulfilled his holiday wish to create the ultimate sign of love.

The company you keep:

The age-old saying ‘You’re only as good as the company you keep’ comes to mind when speaking with Anas Bukhash in Dubai. “You’re network is your net worth” he says. In comparison to the fast-paced celebrity driven world of social media in which he works, Anas is calm, genuine and kind. He’s humble as he speaks, sitting at his desk at the Bukhash Brothers office. The exposed brick and industrial look feels a lot like a downtown Manhattan loft. Anas is a man with an international perspective, but his heart lies in the United Arab Emirates, in close proximity to his family and tightly knit circle of friends. He puts his multiple successes, both professional and personal, down to his support network,. This holiday, his wish is to visually portray his gratitude to the person who has supported him the most: his mother. So with the help of Montblanc, Anas commissioned an art piece by renowned Emirati artist Mattar Bin Lahej.

“It’s important to surround yourself with people who get you, whose intentions are in the right place for you and who want the best for you.”

– Anas Bukhash on his recipe for success.

The Bukhash Brothers:

When the world zigs, entrepreneur Anas Bukhash zags. After studying in the United States, he had a “long, crazy and diverse experience in the corporate world.” But driven to work more with people he started several different successful businesses, the latest being a celebrity and influencer marketing consultancy. Along with his younger brother, Bukhash Brothers connects social media personalities to organisations looking to reach specific markets and audiences. Anas is motivated to help his talented portfolio of celebrities make the most of themselves and their skills. Despite the high-flying nature of his industry, he’s committed to keeping his business personal and genuine. This is the key to building his network. The press call him the most connected man in Dubai. “I believe I’m good with people, the more I have worked and interacted with people, the stronger my network has become. I believe when you’re sincere and genuine people feed off that and start to respect you and trust you."

“I keep a close circle of friends and even my mother as advisors or ‘guiders’, people I can bounce ideas off.”

– Anas Bukhash on his support system.

A mother’s love:

Anas talks about the value of family in Arab cultures; “One of the things I really appreciate in the Arab world is the closeness we have to our families.” He’s very open about his mother being his biggest support, advisor, or in his own charming words, a “guider”. He talks so fondly when describing her – it’s easy to see that they have a very special relationship. “She’s the mother of men,” he says kindly, speaking to the confidence, manner and ethics she instilled in her sons. Growing up she gave her children room to express themselves and it’s this level of freedom that has helped Anas become a successful entrepreneur. He talks about that room to breathe in his teenage years; “You start to build character and confidence that you can make a decision.” Furthermore, Anas’ mother sets the ultimate example for her son, she uses her widespread social media presence to help others. “She has gone through a lot of challenges and it makes her who she is today, and she is helping thousands of people at the moment, not only my family.”

“I wanted an expression of love and gratitude to my mother.”

– Anas Bukhash on his wish

An eternal sign of love:

In artist Mattar Bin Lahej’s studio, Anas talks about how he wants to honour his mother with a unique art piece. “I’m known not to be very expressive with my feelings” he admits. So he gives Mattar Bin Lahej the direction to create an artwork inspired by words, to create something that speaks for him and expresses his feelings of love and gratitude. Together, using Montblanc writing instruments, they come up with a concept embodying the many traits of Anas’ mother. “I’m a big a fan of sentimental gifts,” Anas says. He thinks this is the nicest gift to give, an expression of feelings through an unexpected medium. Anas chose Mattar Bin Lahej because “he’s a huge talent,” and his style represents the emotional connection necessary for this project.

“An artwork, built out of my words, that visualises how I feel about her, in a way that is a tribute to the kind of woman she is.”

– Anas Bukhash describing his sign of love.

A wish fulfilled:

Days later back in Mattar Bin Lahej’s studio, Anas presents the finished product to his mother. She’s overwhelmed by the gesture, moved to the point of tears by the beauty of the piece. With the help of Montblanc, he was able to fulfil his wish to create an everlasting sign of gratitude and love. This holiday, Montblanc is helping others to fulfil their wishes, all the way from Florence, to New York to the remote mountains of Kyrgystan. What’s on your list?