The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

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When sports cars, racing motorcycles and rally cars from all epochs meander through the mountains and forests of the stately home of Goodwood, it's that time of theyear again. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place every year since 1993 in the South of England, goes into its 25th round. Since 2017, Montblanc has alsoparticipated in this homage to motorsport – as the official timekeeper of the race. After all, accurate and elegant timekeeping has always been part of our brand DNA.

A race is more than just cars on a track – it's an elegant attitude.

One race, many race times

Accurate race timekeeping – which sounds so natural to us today, looked a bitdifferent at the beginning of motorsport. Race drivers were dependent on theirown wristwatches to record their lap times and to keep track of theirperformance behind the wheel. In 1894, for example, the world's first motor carrace were finished with several different sets of race times – for one driver.

In the 1930s wristwatches became really popular in motorsport. More and morewatch companies entered the racing world as cooperation partners and refinedthe measurability of races. In the late 1970s, a system was developed that wascapable of simultaneously recording the times of multiple cars: the AutomaticCar Indication Timing, which is still in use today and replaced the personalwatch of the driver.

The festival celebrates its 50th birthday with more speed than ever.

The one with the best time earns the best timepiece: The Montblanc TimeWalker.

You have to think outside the box, to get the best results: Modern timekeeping with Montblanc.

Timeless watches

Although race drivers don’t need to record their own lap times anymore, youcan’t image motorsport without wristwatches – that and the close andhistorical connection is particulary apparent in Goodwood. In addition to racingcars from all epochs of motorsport history – from vintage models to modernFormula 1 cars – watches like the Montblanc TimeWalker can be seen on thewrists of the motorsport enthusiastic audience. But dont worry: This variety ofwatches did and will not lead to a variety of race results. As the official andaccurate timekeeper of the Goodwood Festival of Speed we at Montblanc takecare of that.

To see and to be seen – the festival is an outstanding get-together.

Montblanc keeps the time – at the world's fastet interview