Care Recommendation Leather

Care Recommendation Leather





Leather is a natural material that is sensitive to the effects of light, humidity and water. To keep your Montblanc leather product in perfect condition and prevent the colour from fading, Montblanc recommends protecting it from prolonged exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight. In the event of contact with water, it should be dried promptly with a soft, smooth cloth. To maintain its natural softness, Montblanc recommends treating your leather product with a neutral leather care product.

Meisterstück Selection 

Meisterstück Selection – a modern and classic collection incorporating the sleek design elements of the Meisterstück line with rich natural colours and precious hides. The inside of the product is lined with smooth soft leather. The collection combines both timeless elegance and modern design. Due to its delicate nature and handcrafted structure, Exotic Skin Printed Leather must be handled with care. The alligator-printed calfskin is coloured by hand to enhance the three dimensional effect and the transparency of the colour. Possible colour fluctuation and colour fading over time confirm the use of manual processes and the selection of natural materials. To minimise colour fading, please avoid prolonged exposure to light.

Montblanc Extreme

The Montblanc Extreme collection combines a centuries-old tradition of fine craftsmanship with a constant quest for innovation.Due to its embossed structure, Montblanc Extreme tends to be more sensitive to dust. Montblanc Extreme can be cleaned with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. If more thorough cleaning is required, moisten the cloth with clean water. Please avoid using standard cleaning agents, as this may cause halos and undesired changes in the touch and feel of the surface.

Polycarbonate trolley 

The external polycarbonate of your Montblanc trolley shall be cleaned with a damp, non-abrasive cloth only. A neutral non-abrasive solvent-free detergent can be used for more resistant stains or labels residuals.

Storage of your Montblanc Leather Product 

When your Montblanc leather product is not in use, Montblanc recommends keeping it in a dust bag, if available, stored in a dry and dark space. Please note that adverse storage conditions, such as high temperatures, strong light or high humidity, may cause undesired changes in the material.


Montblanc products with magnets should not be used by people fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches or other electro-medical devices, during pregnancy or while nursing an infant. Use of these products should also be avoided in the vicinity of high-voltage machinery or cables. The magnetic field generated by the products may affect objects sensitive to magnets, such as credit cards or other magnetic cards, sensitive data storage devices or displays, personal digital assistants, video/ audio tapes and similar items.
The magnetic field generated by these products may also affect the proper functioning of mechanical and quartz watches, so watches should not be stored in or near the products. These products are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of children.

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