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Mb 01 Headphones


Add a new dimension to your experiences with the new wireless over ear Montblanc MB 01 headphones, combining high-end sound technology, the fine materials and craftsmanship for a luxury headphone experience.

Superior Features

  • Materials

    High-quality aluminium, fine leather and robust silicon for premium tactility and design

  • Cushions

    Exchangeable cushions for your Montblanc MB01 Headphones to reactivate the full comfort experience during your travels.

  • Craftsmanship

    Premium sound quality and first-class active noise cancelling to relax and focus

The Essential link between your Smartphone and epic sound

Customize your Montblanc sound experience and keep your companion up-to-date.

Connect your headphones to your smartphone. Customize the sound signature of your headphones with a five-point equalizer. Use music style optimized equalizer presets. Get the latest updates available…and much more.


The MB 01 picks up unwanted external sounds and neutralizes them before they reach the ear. Silence has never been so comfortable.
The sound signature of the MB 01 was fine tuned by renowned sound engineer Alex Rosson. Their hardware has equally been perfected for optimal sound output.
The headphones pair with your device via Bluetooth, enabling an effortless listening experience. With a 10m range and multi-point connectivity, you have the freedom to move around while connected to 2 devices at the same time.
By a simple press of a button, the voice assistant of your connected device is activated and ready to set up reminders, send messages, check the weather forecast, and much more.
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