Official Refills

The official refills for Montblanc writing instruments and leather goods are produced specifically for this purpose. After refill, users can continue to write the high-quality letters, calendar entries and notes they are used to. Because refills are available in numerous variations, they allow Montblanc’s exclusive writing instruments and leather goods to be personalized.

Refills for Montblanc writing instruments

Writing instruments from Montblanc are characterized by their timeless design. Refills for all fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fineliners and mechanical pencils are available from Montblanc to ensure their writing quality is maintained over an extended period of time. Refills for document markers and ScreenWriters round off the product range. Ink in glass bottles is available for the exclusive piston fountain pens. Special editions such as the 90th anniversary of the Meisterstück Collection are complemented by popular colors such as Midnight Blue and Mystery Black. Montblanc refills for cartridge fountain pens contain a number of cartridges and are also available in various colors. The refills for ballpoint pens and rollerball pens deliver outstanding writing comfort. They are available in fine, medium and wide points to accommodate different preferences. Montblanc also produces refills for mechanical pencils to assure writing comfort is permanently maintained. Erasers available for selected mechanical pencils are an ideal finishing touch.

Refills for leather goods

Record notes and appointments in style with organizers and agendas from Montblanc. These leather goods combine function and design in a unique manner to become permanent and reliable companions – at home and at work. Montblanc offers refills in various sizes and designs to ensure calendars are adjusted to the current year and additional pages can be added to note books, telephone directories and address books as required. Separate dividers are recommended to optimize the organization of appointments and notes. Starter sets are ideal accompaniments for existing schedulers. The refills for leather goods are also ideal as stylish gifts for Her and Him. If a leather-bound calendar or organizer from Montblanc has already been gifted, then matching refills demonstrate the gift was chosen with foresight.