Around the world with Watch Anish


As someone lucky enough to travel the world, it's always important for me to be able to adjust to my location and surroundings with ease. To give you an idea, I am on a plane on average every 3 days, travelling across continents and timezones, therefore my watch and travel accessories must be versatile enough to keep up. The obvious choice of watch complication for me is UTC or multi timezone functionality, and the Montblanc Orbis Terrarum provides this and more in a beautifully designed timepiece. I'm especially in love with the multilayer sapphire crystal dial with a view of continents from the perspective of the North Pole and underlying day/night indicator. For me the design offers a lot of functionality without being overly busy or distracting.

Returning home to London or Dubai offers me a welcome relief, and at times is a holiday in itself as its maybe the only time I can unwind a little. Both places have a different type of uniqueness to them that I covet equally. In terms of history and heritage, very few places in the world can hold a candle to London. It's a melting pot of so many different nationalities steeped in centuries of historical architecture and development. A watch like the 1858 Chronograph in my eyes relates to historical London in a way that I can truly appreciate. The majority of the design comes from its predecessor made some 85 years ago, and while the movement is composed of the same structure as the historical Minerva Calibre 17.29, the finishing has been improved by hand applied Côte des Geneve patterning and multi faceted bevelling along the edges of the movement bridges. A watch that looks good equally from the front or the back.



Another of my favourite cities is Paris. I travel there very frequently (7-8 times per year) though usually for only a day or two at a time. The mixture of both fashion and art in the city is something I love, as well as the variety of amazing gastronomic restaurants. Having such a short time per visit means it's best to prepare an itinerary of sorts on where you would like to visit and what you would like to do whilst in the worlds fashion capital, and experience will tell you how to avoid unnecessary delays due to rush hour traffic or cross-city excursions. A city with so much happening inside deserves a watch with the same emotion, and the Collection Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama fits the bill almost exactly. The combination of cylindrical tourbillon and triple timezone indication is unprecedented, and accomplishing this technical feat whist retaining a beautiful dial and case design is an achievement in itself. The movement comprises of 281 individual components, with the upper portion (showcasing the tourbillon) visible through the multi layered 18k gold dial. Two globes show the days and nights from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres with the aid of two rotating 24 hour indicator discs, and the 'home time' is displayed at the bottom in a sub dial inspired by the 'Compass Rose' which was inspired by a monument in Lisbon from where Vasco da Gama's travel's started...a complicated watch for a city perhaps equally as complicated ;)

Anish Bhatt, Watch Anish