Augmented Paper

Augmented Paper


Linking The Beauty Of Handwriting To The Digital World


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Digitalise notes & sketches

Live Mode - see notes & sketches in the app while writing

Edit notes & sketches

Share notes & sketches

Convert handwriting into text

Tag & Search notes & sketches

Specifications & Support

Get Started


Download and launch the “Montblanc Hub” App from the App Store or PlayStore.


Charge the battery of your Augmented Paper before first use with the enclosed micro USB cable


Use the on/off switch to turn on the Augmented paper and follow the on screen instructions within the app to pair your mobile devide with the Augmented paper via bluetooth.

Write. Digitise. Share.

Write on the lined paper as usually and enjoy the Montblanc writing feeling. Press the button to turn to the next page and digitise your notes to the app. Organize them digitally in the app.


Please download the app for your mobile operating system below. You will also find the app when searching for "Montblanc Hub" in the app stores.


What's in the box?

◦ Leather envelope with electronic digitizer
◦ StarWalker writing instrument
◦ Notebook
◦ USB cable
◦ 3 ballpoint refills
◦ Tweezers to exchange the refills

Compatible devices

◦ Apple iPhone and Apple iPads with iOS 10.0 or higher
◦ Android phones and tablets with Android 5.0 or higher

Supported languages

◦ English,
◦ German,
◦ Spanish,
◦ French,
◦ Italian,
◦ Japanese,
◦ Korean,
◦ Chinese (simplified and traditional),
◦ Russian,
◦ Portuguese,
◦ Arabic


◦ Envelope size: 252 x 207 x 28 mm (W x L x D)
◦ Weight: 732 g
◦ Notebook size: A5 – 148 x 210 mm
◦ Writing Instrument size: 140 x 12 x 17 mm (W x L x D)
◦ Connectivity: Bluetooth® Low Energy
◦ Charging cable: USB
◦ Charging time when empty: 2,5 hours
◦ Continuous usage time: 8 hours
◦ Memory: Up to 100 pages

Tutorial Video