How to apply

How to apply


Where can I find out about currently available positions?




You’ll find all open positions via our job search. By selecting your desired field of activity and desired region you can further limit the selection and apply online.

Which documents should I submit along with my application?



To enable us to review your application in detail you should also submit the following documents:

• Covering letter
• CV
• Relevant enclosures such as school reports, training certificates, certificates of employment, academic degrees, evidence of work completed etc. Further information and tips for your application documents can be found here.


How can I apply?



Above each job advertisement you will see the “Apply” field that takes you directly to our online application system. It will take you around 5 - 10 minutes to create your personal application profile.

What is the application process?



a) Online application
Please use our e-Recruitment system to submit your application documents and ensure that you send us all relevant documents.

b) Initial selection
Each application received is reviewed in detail. Profiles that are best suited to the open positions in terms of qualifications will be shortlisted.

c) Interview stage
If we are impressed with your application documents we will invite you to attend an interview in our company as the next step. Depending on geographical distance the first interview can also be held via video conference. Further interviews may be necessary so that we can get a comprehensive overview of one another.

d) Candidate check
During the application process we reserve the right to perform a check of all shortlisted candidates. The purpose of this candidate check is to verify the information provided in the application. You will be notified separately before the candidate check is performed.

e) Contract conclusion
If you impress us during the interviews and if you decide that we are the right company for you, we will be delighted to welcome you to Montblanc.

Can I apply for several positions?



You have the opportunity to apply for several positions at the same time. Please check that your profile also matches the requirements for these job advertisements. Please state in your covering letter the position(s) for which you are applying.

Why should I apply online?



An online application via our e-Recruitment system offers you many benefits:


• You have constant access to your documents and can update and edit them at any time.

• You only need to upload your documents once in order to be considered for several positions if desired.

• If you should reconsider, you can easily delete your data from our server.

Application submitted - what happens now?



After submitting your application you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. The processing time varies according to the individual positions. You will generally receive initial feedback about the status of your application within two weeks.

Can I undertake an internship with your company and, if yes, how long does an internship generally last?



We offer internships for both students and graduates. The ideal length of an internship with our company is six months. Internships generally start in early April or early October.

To whom should I direct my application?



The relevant contact people aren’t always named in our job advertisements. However, please be assured that your application will automatically be sent to the person responsible.

How can I submit a speculative application?



All vacant positions are published in our jobs overview section. Applications for specific positions are therefore generally more successful than speculative applications. It is only when we advertise a position that we actually have a current need for people. However, if you still wish to register speculatively for positions that become available in the future you are welcome to create a candidate profile. As soon as you have approved your profile we can see it and take it into consideration for suitable positions.

What are the benefits of registering a candidate profile?

A candidate profile enables you to take advantage of the many benefits of the online applicant service:


• Create, manage and update your own profile

• Search for open positions and apply online

• Set up job alerts for positions that match your profile

How long will my candidate profile remain online?



If you do not access your profile within a twelve month period. you will receive an e-mail informing you that it will shortly be deactivated. If you then log in again it will remain active for the next twelve months.

How long can I keep up to date with news about vacant positions

If you have created a candidate profile you can set up job alerts that match your profile. But even without a candidate profile you can set up a job agent that will notify you via e-mail about new positions that match your search criteria. Visit our job search section to create a job agent and start by entering your search criteria. In a second step you can then set this as a job agent and select how often you wish to receive notifications.

What are the requirements for creating a password?


Your password should contain the following elements:


• At least eight characters

• At least one number (0 - 9)

• At least one capital letter (A - Z)

• At least one special character (:,-;)

• Example: sieben7.Beispiele

How long can I keep up to date with news about vacant positions


You can change your password in your candidate profile. Click on “Change password” under “Manage profile.” You will be prompted to provide your previous password and then enter a new one that meets the requirements detailed above. For security reasons it may not be the same as one of your last five passwords. Please note down the new password as it will not be sent separately by e-mail.


To change your user name, log into your candidate profile and click on “Manage profile” and then “Change user name.” This will also not be confirmed via e-mail.


Manage and update your candidate profile here.


Log in / Registration

I’ve forgotten my password.


You can receive a new password via the “Forgotten password” link; if you wish to log into your candidate profile you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. Your new password will then be sent to your e-mail address. Please use the e-mail address that you specified in your profile.

How can I change the language settings?


You can set your preferred language in your candidate profile under “Personal settings” in the “Manage profile” menu.

You can also choose whether you wish to receive e-mails and letters in your preferred language.

Go to candidate profile here.

What should I do if I experience technical problems during the online application?


We recommend that you perform a diagnosis by taking the following steps:

a) Check whether you can access other web pages. If yes, please note the error message you receive when trying to access our site.

b) If you see a message such as “network error message” it could be that you are visiting our site from a company network that blocks access.

c) If individual content such as job advertisements or the candidate overview is not clearly presented, this could be due to the pop-up blocker in your browser being activated. We recommend turning off the blocker by changing the browser settings.

For security reasons you will automatically be logged out of the system if you remain inactive for a period of 30 minutes.

If you continue to have technical problems, please send an e-mail with a description and screenshot of the problem to (If you can’t see this address, you must approve JavaScript in your browser)

How secure is my personal information?


Very secure. Please see our data protection statement for candidates. Your personal information is stored in a secure, encrypted HTTPS environment with accredited certification. You must acknowledge the data protection statement before you can submit your candidate details.