Where you can join us

Where you can join us

Our Headquarters in Hamburg

It is probably no coincidence that Montblanc was founded in Hamburg in 1906. The Hanseatic city presents itself as an international metropolis, conscious of its tradition and always striving to achieve further greatness. It is a city is where employees breathe life into the Montblanc brand – from Administration to Finance & Controlling, from Marketing & Communication to Product Category Management.

Our Locations

Every day at Montblanc represents a little trip around the world. At the Hamburg location alone, you can meet people from over 30 different countries. Those wishing to expand their horizons internationally can do so by working in our more than 20 locations, with offices and boutiques across the globe.

Our Manufactures

Our passion quickly carried us over to uncharted territories and new endeavours. We ventured out to conquer the world of timepieces and premium leather goods, for which we selected nothing short of the finest materials, a tradition we continue to this day. If you look for it, you can really feel the love that has gone into creating each piece, one that lasts for generations to come.
Crafting our products by hand is one of our greatest pleasures, and we firmly believe in giving every piece a meaning. A story. A purpose. Because to us, these aren’t mere objects. They are vessels that are meant to carry our passion out into the world – and blend our story with yours.