Celebrating the spirit of an era

Celebrating the spirit of an era

Celebrating the pioneering spirit of an era

New prospects, new opportunities, new adventures – the world beyond the horizon has always held great promises for those who dare to venture out. Never more so than at the turn of the 20th century, where the world was growing together closer than ever, fuelled by great advancements in science and technology. Innovations in shipbuilding such as ever more powerful steam engines heralded the “golden age” of ocean liners. Wireless radio traffic sent messages over thousands of kilometres.

The tremendous increase in global trade and transcontinental travel gave rise to a prosperous new era for Europe’s port towns. Among them, the city of Hamburg became known as Germany’s “gateway to the world”. Its bustling harbour was crowded with big ocean liners from overseas, bringing with them profitable cargo, exotic goods as well as news and tales from faraway lands. An aura of excitement and opportunity lay in the air.

It was in this humming atmosphere where the engineer August Eberstein met the merchant Alfred Nehemias and the entrepreneur Claus Voß. United by their pioneering spirit, they went on to revolutionise the world of fine writing with their Simplo Filler fountain pens. The young firm would two years later be renamed after the highest peak in Europe: the Mont Blanc, symbolising the company’s ambition for ultimate performance, highest quality and finest craftsmanship.

To celebrate 110 years of their pioneering spirit, 2016 sees the relaunch of the Montblanc 4810 Collection – a name which perfectly captures the maison’s ambition to always aim for the highest level, as it cites the height of the Mont Blanc peak at 4,810 metres.