Did you know? 10 facts about us!

Did you know? 10 facts about us!

Montblanc is French, isn’t it?



Well, it’s a fair assumption, as at least half of the Mont Blanc massif which acted as the inspiration for our emblem belongs to France. However, our company was founded in 1906 in Hamburg where it still has its home today. A banker from Hamburg, Alfred Nehemias, and an engineer from Berlin, August Eberstein, recognised the signs of the times and decided to manufacture safety fountain pens - and thus the initial foundation stone was laid.

Does Montblanc only produce writing instruments?



Writing instruments such as our “Meisterstück” have made us the international market leader in this sector. But we have also ventured into other areas. For example, the sophisticated leather goods from our manufacture in Florence, Italy, have become an increasingly-expanding product category. In addition, our timepieces from the Le Locle and Villeret manufactures in the Swiss Jura represent the same very best of craftsmanship. And gentleman's accessories, ladies’ jewellery, perfume and glasses give their wearers a personal touch in the same way a fountain pen from one of our special editions does.





Isn’t the company somewhat ... outdated?



We see it the other way around: over the past 100 years, we have developed values which never age, because they are timeless. And we continue to develop based on these values. For example, in the form of our high-quality smart watches and our e-commerce. You immediately realise that the minds behind Montblanc are anything but outdated as soon as you get to know our employees in person.

Does everyone at Montblanc wear a suit and tie?



If they like dressing that way, they can. There’s only one dress code at our company: wear what you like. The only exception to this rule is for our employees in production, as there, of course, safety takes priority. Otherwise, it is our conviction that everyone knows best themselves which outfit is appropriate in which situation. After all, we like every employee to take on self-responsibility - and this also applies when standing in front of the mirror.

Isn’t such an old company rigid in its structures? 



Of course, as we are part of the luxury group Richemont, there is in place a certain predetermined framework for processes and decisions. Anything else would be inefficient. However, within this framework there is plenty of scope for independence and responsibility. And that is precisely what we wish for: flexible solutions, agile work in closely-networked and aligned teams as well as animated exchanges and information flows between employees. Only in this way can we move in the right direction: forwards.

Surely such a global company does not address the need for a work-life balance? 



In fact, the opposite is the case. We consider satisfaction, also outside official working hours, to be very important. How should we inspire, be creative, work with precision and delight others if we aren’t able to concentrate with full enthusiasm on our work? For this purpose, we have put in place the appropriate prerequisites: from employment contract design, daily time management, right up to a living company culture.

You have to speak perfect English to work at Montblanc, don’t you? 



In a global world, a good command of the English language is never a disadvantage. However, it is not a prerequisite for entry to Montblanc. You will always find a way of communicating, given that at the headquarters in Hamburg alone there are employees from 30 nations, not to mention the 11 languages spoken within the entire company. On the other hand, of course, a global company does have some departments in which good English is essential. But you will be pleased to know that you can develop your language potential if necessary in one of our language courses. 

So many employees - isn’t that anonymous and impersonal?



Not at all - our personnel receive top marks right along the line. Everyone helps and supports others wherever they can - this is particularly the case within the individual teams. If you don’t look forward to coming to work, then we are the guilty party.


It’s just craftspeople you need, isn’t it?




Of course, as a company with a deep tradition of artisanship, good craftspeople are essential for our success. But the same applies in equal measure to developers, quality managers, service employees, purchasers, accountants, logisticians, designers, salespeople, HR employees, marketing experts etc., etc., etc. Because perfection in every detail can only succeed if everything around it functions properly.

Do all employees write with a Montblanc fountain pen?



In addition to other benefits, we offer our employees a discount of 50% on all products in our boutique. Moreover, we integrate employees actively in the assessment of our writing instruments during quality tests so that they are able to familiarise themselves with the entire product portfolio - it is rare that you will find a workplace without a Montblanc writing instrument.