Montblanc Legend

Montblanc Legend

Montblanc Legend Man

So what is he like, this man? The LEGEND man does not allow himself to be described so easily. He prefers subtlety to overt explanation...

Confident and assured, retained rather than talkative, he lives his feelings, his courage and his convictions. Yet without saying a word, we sense his purpose and commitment, his taste for the authentic, his love for passion and pleasure.

This naturally, effortlessly virile man, as seen by Montblanc, is embodied by the British Simon Clark and photographed by the German Peter Lindbergh. The power of black and white, the simplicity of the image, the understated elegance of the roll-neck sweater...

This is one of those men who create their own legend.

Montblanc Legend Bottle

When an object bears the Montblanc name, style is central, essential.

The LEGEND bottle captures the essence of masculinity, timeless design, and bears the classic Montblanc hallmarks.

The curved, solid shape has a voluptuous smoothness, echoing the signature feel and sensual touch of the iconic black Meisterstück writing instrument in the hand.

The intense black glass and sleek metal top add to the effect.

On the stopper, the three “rings” embodying the spirit of the Meisterstuck 149 frame the famous guilloche brand signature.