Rouge et Noir

Rouge et Noir

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Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Coral Fountain Pen (114725), Star Roman "Carpe Diem" Special Edition Watch (113880), Serpent Cuff Links (114752)


Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Coral Fountain Pen (114725), Star Roman "Carpe Diem" Special Edition Watch (113880)

Dive back into a time that still fascinates us today. Gentlemen in well-tailored suits stroll down the streets, the sound of a saxophone fills an alley with life and children marvel at every new car they spot. A young woman presents her fresh look as a sign of self-confidence and victory over old-fashioned traditions. It’s an era that would change society, culture and the economy forever. In the USA they were named the “Roaring Twenties”, the French refer to them as the “Crazy Years” and in Germany they celebrated them as the “Golden Twenties”. All the designations were dead-on: those years were as golden as they were roaring and they were crazy.

New wealth brought new opportunities to the cities, and metropolises all over the world grew faster than ever before. Soon they became the focal hot spots for anyone who wanted to be part of the change. Legendary musicians like Louis Armstrong defined jazz as the vivid new music genre of its time, and new dances were quick to follow. “The cake walk”, “the black bottom” and “the flea hop” were seen everywhere, only to be pushed aside by the fantastic “Charleston”.

Endless nights of music and dancing kept the cities awake and not even that little thing called “prohibition” could stop the party.

But it was more than dancers’ legs which were moving in those days. Motor cars became the most important consumer durables and changed transport forever, while Art Deco shaped the world, from pictures to furniture to the tallest skyscraper then standing, the Chrysler Building.

While architecture reached its peak, some of the world’s most famous writers laid the foundations of their careers with their first publications. Do the names Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald ring a bell?

They revolutionised the art of writing. But they weren’t the only ones. Some years prior to the start of this glorious decade of innovation, the founders of Montblanc decided to invent an outstanding, non-leaking fountain-pen. They spent three years perfecting it and then, in 1909, they presented “Rouge et Noir”, the Maisons’s first fountain-pen series. From there on, nothing could satisfy their thirst for innovation and when the “Roaring Twenties” reached their peak in 1924, the iconic “Meisterstück” followed.


Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Ballpoint Pen (114724), Serpent tie bar (114753), Meisterstück Soft Grain Wallet (114462)

Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Fountain Pen (114722), Star Roman "Carpe Diem" Special Edition Watch (113880), Serpent Cuff Links (114752)


Meisterstück Soft Grain Small Duffle (114716)


Today, we celebrate the pioneering spirit of that time. We do so by giving new life to the legendary design of “Rouge et Noir”: combining its vintage look and feel with a contemporary design twist and adding modern piston technology. The new Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir features:

Montblanc Rouge et Noir Special Edition

Iconic fountain pens with 14k gold nibs and snake clips in a vintage look. The historical Montblanc logo is engraved in the precious resin cap. Available in Black Precious Resin and Coral Precious Resin.

Heritage Rouge et Noir “Serpent”

One of a kind design that recalls the movement of a snake. Oxidised sterling silver with red lacquered eyes.

Meisterstück Soft Grain Anniversary 1906 - 2016

This assortment of timeless styles features a coral leather tag. An exclusive celebration of “Rouge & Noir”.