Daniel & Geo Fuchs

The razor sharp, large-format colour photographs by German artists Daniel & Geo Fuchs (b. 1966, b. 1969) evidence cool, factual precision and an unusual curiosity about the dark and hidden sides of everyday life. The artists join forces in photo series such as “Stasi Secret Rooms”, which represents the abandoned security offices of the German Democratic Republic after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Once haunted by coercion and fear, now stripped of their function, these previously inaccessible spaces appear almost “powerless” in the series. The Frankfurt-based couple turn an equally dissecting eye for detail to war planes (in the “Forces” series) and apparently harmless children’s toys (in the “Toy Giants” series).

Ubiquitous plastic fictional characters, such as Barbie, Superman and Godzilla appear in individual and group portraits, as do toy historical figures like George Bush, Bin Laden, Hitler and Che Guevara. Under the camera lens of Daniel & Geo Fuchs they come to life; their portraits become character studies, opening up new perspectives on reality and fiction.