Gerwald Rockenschaub

The colour-intensive paintings, spatial installations, objects and animations of renowned Austrian artist Gerwald Rockenschaub (b. 1952) are characterised by a conscious concentration on shapes and colours. In the early 1980s, Rockenschaub, who studied at the College of Applied Arts in Vienna and who also became known as a musician and DJ, first painted pictograms and signet-like oils classified into the artistic current referred to as Neo-Geo. There followed installations and sculptures, in which the artist, who lives in Berlin, includes the exhibition room in his artistic concept.

Large-scale objects made of transparent or opaque PVC, installations of Plexiglas sheets, curtains or scaffolding lead the visitor’s way and guide his or her perception. On his computer, the artist designs images of self-adhesive foil patterns on aluminium plates; the work “Folienbild” [“Foil Picture”] (2002) created for Montblanc is also part of this series. In 2008 Rockenschaub also fashioned the monochrome sculpture “Montblanc Stern” [“Montblanc Star”], characterised by minimalistic aesthetics and a clear language of form.